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A library of educational resources on Europe suitable for secondary school students, for gathering and sharing resources that may be useful to you!

To refresh your knowledge of Europe or to deepen it so it can meet the expectations of the most curious pupils, an e-learning space designed

for teachers.

5 turnkey modules to cover the essential topics on Europe in one hour of each lesson.

Make Europe

Great Again

The website for teachers to facilitate and support the European education in the classroom

Teaching Europe in secondary schools

An abstract Europe (for young people)

All the studies confirm that Europe remains abstract and unknown to young people.

Informing more and informing better appears to be an axis of work that should be carried out in the school setting. 90% of young Europeans are asking for it.


49% of Europeans do not understand how the EU works

71% of Europeans feel they are not well informed about Europe

1/3 of Europeans do not know how many Member States there are

20 years of education about Europe...?

Although most Member States have formally ‘integrated’ European education into their curricula, some for more than 20 years, it remains unclear how exactly such a transmission of knowledge and understanding about the EU takes place, according to the European Commissions’ “Learning Europe at School” report.


Despite its importance, which goes beyond the mere threshold of knowledge, Europe remains an area of learning that is often insufficiently worked on at school.

Thierry Chopin, special advisor to the Jacques Delors Institute, reminds us that this "lack of knowledge about the functioning of the EU is a major element in the relationship of mistrust towards Europe".


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A White Paper to understand and make proposal

What about education about UE in its Member States ? Research was conducted between December 2020 and May 2021 to study the current context, implementation and challenges of EU education at secondary level in Europe.  


The project

Make Europe Great Again project is an Erasmus+ project, Key Action 2 called Strategic Partnership for School Education, initiated and coordinated by the association Pistes-Solidaires and implemented by a consortium of experts in education for Europe, from 5 European countries.


The aim? To create resources and facilitate European education for secondary school teachers.

The 33-month project programme includes a study of needs in terms of support for teachers and knowledge of students, the development of educational resources to support the work of teachers, the creation of a platform dedicated to education about Europe, and the promotion of education about Europe in a context of strong growth in the ambitions of the Erasmus+ programme for schools in the coming years.

 Material library 
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Quality resources...

Over the last two decades, many resources for European education have been created; they can be found here and there, on different sites and platforms, which does not always make the teacher's

job easy.


... Gathered in one place

To facilitate your work of research of pedagogical supports, we created the Material library. You will not find all the resources that exist, but quality resources, really adapted to teaching.

Targeting your research through a filter system will help you find the resource that suits you.




Keeping informed

Even motivated teachers face obstacles such as difficulties in keeping abreast of EU policies and the fact that the European themes are a relatively small part of the curriculum they have to deliver.

Training as and when you want it

The e-learning modules we have designed are made for you. You can decide to spend a little time on them or quickly refresh your knowledge of a subject. In fact, each module is made up of two linked but independent parts: the basics and "+", to go further.    


 The essentials 



5 courses, fully developed, tested and validated

The Essentials are 5 courses, 5 subjects proposed and ready to use: course, resources, pedagogical support etc... Here everything is gathered so that your European education courses can be facilitated and attractive for you and your students!


Answering essential (existential?) questions

Through these 5 lessons, the Essentials allow you to answer essential, even existential questions such as

  • What is the European Union?

  • How does the European Union work?

  • What is Europe for?

  • What does the EU contribute to our daily lives?

  • What is on the EU agenda?


As a bonus, a focus on a strong axis: the ecological transition carried by the Green deal.