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EuroSoc#Digital gGmbH is an independent, non-profit provider of civic education with a focus on European politics and policies. We are organising and implementing learner-centred and highly interactive seminars and workshops like simulation games, living-labs and future-labs. We are offering our services to public and private educational institutions and bodies like schools and universities. Accordingly, our main target groups are youngsters and young adults. Furthermore, we train teachers and educators in learner-centred approaches of European civic education. EuroSoc#Digital gGmbH has formed a continuously growing network of more than 500 schools all over Germany. It is also closely related to the Europe Direct network in Germany and is a registered provider of teacher training in 7 German states.

Participating in the MEGA project gives EuroSoc#Digital gGmbH the possibility to reach out for a wider European public by offering its educational content and disseminating its specific take on European matters. Therefore, we are aiming to contribute to a constructive and forward looking debate about the current state and future development of the European Project which needs to take place on a European level.