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Partners (HR)


The Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE) is a well-recognized Croatian civil society organisation active since 1992 on harmonising the educational system in Croatia with the educational standards of modern democratic societies. Our innovative, high-quality programmes provide support to teachers and schools, children and youth, university lecturers and professionals working with children and youth in the educational and the social welfare systems. Our programmes of Teaching Advancement, School Democratisation, and Development of Personal and Social Competences are designed for those stakeholders. Over almost 30 years of work, the FFE has grown into an organisation that successfully uses European Union funds for the development of Croatian schools and the professional training of teachers. Over 10,000 primary and secondary teachers have participated in our training events and workshops, and we are particularly proud of the average evaluation mark of our seminars: 4.8 (on a 1-5 scale). The most noticeable testament to the work and programmes of the FFE is the number of established partnerships with primary and high schools, municipalities, cities and counties, as well as other relevant stakeholders in education.


Participation in the MEGA project significantly contributes to one of our sub programmes in the School Democratisation program with the aim to inform and raise awareness among teachers and youth on the European Union and European citizenship. Alongside participating in all activities, the FFE will have leading role in development of new learning and teaching materials.