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Founded in 1937 as a primary school and then transformed into a college (middle school) in the early 1960s, the Collège Jean Sarrailh is based in Monein, a small commune of almost 5,000 inhabitants in south-west France. Located in an area relatively far from the main urban centres, the school brings together pupils from Monein and the surrounding villages.

It is a secondary school (1st grade) with a general orientation, but it also includes the learning of two foreign languages (English and Spanish) and a European section specializing in the Spanish language.

The school's desire to open up to Europe and to the international scene has been included in its project, which for the past six years has been taking part in an academic exchange with Navarre, consisting of receiving Spanish pupils for six weeks and then sending pupils to Spain for six weeks. In 2019, the school has been selected for an Erasmus Plus mobility project under the title "A bridge over the Pyrenees". The project, which is being set up with the IES Torre de los Espejos school in Utebo (Zaragoza), aims to bring together pupils and teachers from the two schools around cross-border exchanges.

The celebrations around the Europe Day (European menus in the school canteen, exhibitions presenting European citizenship, etc.) make the pupils aware of the European multi-culturality and multilingualism and become an opportunity to talk about Europe also outside the classroom.