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Partners (PT)


Casa do Professor is a social solidarity association that supports 11 000 teachers at all levels of education, through protocols with 50 clusters of schools and a close collaboration with hundreds of partners, from different areas of knowledge. It promotes socially oriented initiatives, scientific training, as well as cultural and recreational activities not only addressed to the teachers but also to their families. 

Awarded several times by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM); accredited and recognized by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Teacher Training and by the Portuguese Government's Directorate General for Employment and Labour Relations, Casa do Professor was the initiator of the first major international teacher training project ("NESTT - New European seetings for teachers and teaching").

Our Pedagogical Innovation Centre is involved in the project MEGA in the line of it mission to dignify teachers, by reinforcing the nobility of their profession and improve their skills in many levels. We are involved in many international projects (as coordinators and partners), all addressed to teacher's career enhancement and we have a large experience in developing training modules and sessions for teachers about Europe.

Our expertise on the subject is very diverse since our training courses have covered subjects such as European operations, single market, European budget and policies, citizenship, renewable energies, economic governance, youth in Europe, interculturality, cultural heritage, etc. Recently Casa do Professor has developed new tools, including digital tools, in order to successfully carry out these training actions.